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IBM Controls the Nordic Viking Genome (War Against the Weak – Edwin Black)

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In 1998, Iceland created the world’s first national DNA database of its citizens. Almost all of its 275,000 citizens trace their lineages to the original Nordic Vikings of a prior millennium. In a unique arrangement, Iceland’s national genetic code was sold to the genetic research and pharmacogenetic industries through an entity called deCODE Genetics. Less than 8 percent of Iceland’s population opted out of the voluntary program, hence deCODE possesses virtually a complete national genetic and hereditary portrait of Iceland. Scientists at deCODE are currently utilizing the information in their study of a range of debilitating condition, including respiratory and muscular disease. Safeguards have been built into the program to conceal individuals’ names. But at least one Icelander has sued the government to have her father’s genetic history removed. As of March 2003, the case is still winding its way through Icelandic courts. Iceland’s national genomic information will be made available to a wide variety of scientific, commercial and governmental entities in an Internet-based system that employs massive data storage drives codenamed “Shark.” 31

One main company manages and controls Iceland’s genetic data. That company is already positioned to become the worldwide manager and disseminator of all genomic information globally. In anticipation of that day, the company currently operates genomic offices in California, New York, Zurich, Haifa, New Delhi and Tokyo. The name of the company is IBM. Its Iceland project operates under a division known as “Life Services – Nordic.” 32

War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race. By Edwin Black. Pg. 439


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  1. ce399 said, on 04/08/2010 at 18:20

    In the age of the post-human or human 2.0, these “debates” are no longer relevant. Human 2.0 is a creation of global capitalism – an undead beast that refuses to die. All “life” on earth is property of multi-national corporations. “They” can do with their property as they see fit. “They” have exterminated “us” and “they” have also exterminated “themselves.” If there were no more wars, the Pentagon and their multi-national corporate investors (mostly brainwashed, tyrannical Baby Boomers) would create war by artificial means, using “humans” harvested or hatched in biotech laboratories. As the popular adage from horror films goes: “You can’t kill something that isn’t alive.”

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